If this is your first visit to my website, or if you have been thinking about making a first-time appointment, you will find helpful information here about me, about mental health care, psychiatry, and how to find the help you need. If you are a current patient of mine, there is helpful information here for you as well. Feel free to browse around or send me a message of general information interest. If you need to contact me about an issue specific to your care, you will still need to contact my office by phone.

The website is constantly evolving, so after you have checked out the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, if there is something you can not find, please send me a message. Even if you think your question is not a good one, there is a chance that others are asking similar questions. I will try to either answer your question directly or if I find something that may be of interest to others, I will try to post my answer as new information on the website.

Adam Nelson, MD BBB Business Review